Asian Congress of Neurological Surgeon Workshop & Live Surgery at National Hosptial

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National Hospital is entrusted as the hospital where the Stereotactic workshop and live surgery held. This event is only a small part of the big event itself, the 11th Asian Congress of Neurological Surgeon in Conjuction with the 21st Annual Scientific Meeting Of Indonesian Society of Neurological Surgeons (PERSPEBSI). This event has already started since the 8th March 2016 until 12th March 2016. The opening was started with welcome speech form our CEO dr. Hans Wijaya, and Prod. Dr. dr. Sri Maliawan, SpBs(K), PhD as the Chief of PERSPEBSI Functional Division, and Dr. dr. Agus Turchan, Sp Bs,PhD, as the head of East Java PERSPEBSI. Today's lecture will be brought by Neurosurgeons from all around the world, such as, Indonesia, Japan, Canada, Seoul, Thailand, Kazakhstan, and others.