Kasoem Hearing Center

PT. KASOEM PIONEER OPTICAL was initially established from the Optics division, namely in 1939 under the name A. Kasoem Optical. The owner, Mr. Kasoem, is the first indigenous man from Garut, West Java who succeeded in establishing the first LENS factory in Indonesia and was awarded the Founding Pioneer of the Indigenous Lens Factory and received the title of Pioneer from the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia at that time and changed its name to A. Kasoem Optical pioneer.

In 1988, he expanded his business by establishing a Hearing Aid Division (Audiology Division) under the name A. Kasoem Hearing & Speech Center. At first, this division was only a store providing hearing aids. In an evolutionary period after 26 years, this Audiology division has grown and developed very rapidly to have 19 branches in major cities throughout Indonesia and become the first Audiology Company to carry the concept of One Stop Solution for people with hearing loss. A. Kasoem's services include hearing consultation, providing information about hearing loss, installing hearing aids and selling hearing aids, language therapy, and after-sales service, all of which are under the supervision of experts who are always updating their knowledge in their fields.

Our staff comes from various disciplines. Supported by certified Audiologists and Acoustics and Strata 2 from the Philippines, London and America, we provide specialized training for all prospective employees from various disciplines, to create reliable personnel who are able to provide the best and optimal service for all customers.

In 2018, A. Kasoem Hearing & Speech Center will expand its business by opening new branches in major cities in Indonesia.

For more information about the Kasoem Hearing Center, you can contact us via WhatsApp 0896 6000 8094 (CHAT ONLY).