National Hospital X Manulife Intimate Gathering

National Hospital X Manulife Intimate Gathering

An intimate gathering was held by National Hospital and Manulife Indonesia at Wyndham Surabaya on October 13th, 2023. Manulife has been an insurance partner that can be used at the National Hospital for a long time.

So, to make the intimacy stick even more like a stamp, the National Hospital is holding this intimate gathering. At the same time, in this intimate gathering, National Hospital introduced one of its existing centers of excellence. Namely, Surabaya Neuro Science (SNEI).

Snei provides neurological services to patients. There are four neuro services at snei. First, Parkinson & Movement Disorder Center services (Parkinson's, Tremor, Dystonia, Hemibalismus, and other movement disorders, Stereotactic Brain Lesion Surgery, and Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery).

The second service, Epilepsy Center (Epilepsy, Seizures, Epilepsy surgery, and Vagus Nerve Stimulation or VNS surgery). Then, the third service is the Neuroendovascular Therapy Center (cerebral blood vessel stroke, cerebral blood vessel disorders such as aneurysm; arteriovenous malformation/AVM; moya-moya disease, DSA / digital subtraction angiography procedure, aneurysm coiling procedure, aneurysm clipping procedure, and flow diverter procedure .

The fourth service focuses on other neurosurgical procedures (spinal spine surgery, Pain management intervention Radio frequency, PLDD, VP Shunt procedure for normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH), LP Shunt procedure for NPH disease, lumbar drain procedure, treatment for disease CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome), Ballooning Trigeminal Neuralgia, Trigeminal Neuralgia surgery, and Hemiface spasm surgery).

And, the fifth service focuses on brain tumors. Namely, there is Indonesia Brain Tumor Solution. One of the services is endoscopic brain tumor surgery.